HPE- Nimble

HPE- Nimble

addNETWORKS Certification

- Preferred Partner - HPE Proliant Certified - HPE Storage Certified

addNETWORKS have partnered with HPE to provide school with enterprise-grade storage hardware. HPE Nimble is dedicated to overcoming the challenges caused by outdated storage hardware, which is due to their core capabilities and position in the market.

Due to our outstanding sales and technical staff we have been voted by HPE Nimble as “Preferred Partner” certification, this status is personified as only a few of HPE many partners have achieved this status. This status has allowed us here at addNETWORKS to be able to offer the HPE Nimble to all our clients.

HPE Nimble Storage

HPE as recently as of 2017 had acquired Nimble, which has allowed both companies to improve there current core capabilities which has led to an enterprise grade piece of storage equipment. This is evident from the fat that they have been voted as the number 1 flash storage which allows 99.99% protection on all of you sensitive information, which is why we offer it schools and SMB’s as it best storage unit on the market.

Benefits of the Nimble

  • Reduces operating costs
  • Scaling performance without disruption
  • improves IT Productivity
  • 99.99% secure against hackers and viruses

Watch this video for further information and how it can benefit your business! 

Trade-in deal: Claim £10,000  

For a limited time only, HPE Nimble are offering a £1,000 towards the HPE Nimble for every 1TB of storage you trade. This offer is capped at £10,000, however if you trade in 10TB of data, it is the equivalent of getting 20% off a enterprise-graded storage!