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Extreme Networks

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Customer-Driven Networking™

Extreme Networks has been deployed aross 30,000 customers world-wide, helping public and private sector organisations, large and small, to build the right networking footprint to fit their business, on their terms. Our unique payment options enable you to modernise your network, using a payment plan which meet the budgets and objectives that you’re working towards.

With Extreme, as well as purchasing the technology outright, Extreme also offers a subscription based payment model which requires zero capital investment and allows you to adapt your network as needs change, at no cost. This is known as Extreme Network Subscription.

Our Partnership

With an equal committment to customer success, addNETWORKS and Extreme Networks together value the attributes of a small and personable company, by remaining nimble and responsive to changing technology needs. Together we are relentless in our goals to help customers build flexible, scalable networks which accelerate their digital transformation and drive disruption, on their payment terms.

Extreme’s Technology Portfolio

Extreme’s proposition has been streamlined to drive digital transformation and through working hand in hand with addNETWORKS, we can ensure our clients accelerate innovation, increase growth and improve customer experiences.

Established as the world’s first end-to-end enterprise networking company, our holistic product range focuses on access / edge, the campus core, and the data center; plus applications, services and support to ensure optimal service delivery and optimal customer satisfaction.

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