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Network Security and Bloatware Solutions

addNETWORKS understands the importance of security, especially for organisations operating in a data-sensitive industry such as Education. This is the reason why we have joined forces with Knowbe4 to provide security support and training to the education sector.

Who are Knowbe4?

Together, Knowbe4 and addNETWORKS provide security awareness training and phishing attack simulators which help you reduce your risk by educating employees on how to identify which links are safe to click and what the risks are of those that aren’t. Rhw training platform is easy to use and navigate, allowing your employees to undergo comprehensive high-level awareness training which prevents them from being misled by social engineering tricks. Through performing actual attacks and in-depth demonstrations, your school and your employees will obtain the knowledge they require to defend your organisation against potentially damaging malware attacks.

Why We Selected Knowbe4?

  • World-leading in awareness training
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Protects your school against hackers
  • Affordable, reliable and proven solution

Watch this short video for more information about the platform

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