How To Remove The Cost Barriers Of All-Flash Storage

We know too well the pressure that schools are facing, with the need to quickly access a rising volume of data – whether that be pupil information, lesson content, policies or statistics – which will only continue to place costly demands on IT resource and budgets.

The key to minimising these costs is to source an affordable storage solution which scales independently as your needs grow, and eliminates future data management issues.

Affordable, Scalable and Compliant Storage for Schools… 

StorageCraft has revolutionised this challenge, allowing education providers to expand storage dynamically over time. Their powerful storage reduction technologies minimise your footprint, whilst the built-in multi-site replication and recovery mechanisms safeguard your environment in case of a disaster or cyber attack.

With the need to comply to strict standards for both data availability and security, StorageCraft’s OneBlox solution alleviates this stress for schools, whilst reducing costs….


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