What Is Your Last Line Of Defence Against Ransomware?

As is being widely reported in the media, it’s only a ‘matter of time’ until a new strain of ransomware is released, posing a serious risk that Schools and Academies will be hit. Following their success in disrupting the NHS last year, cybercriminals know how sensitive your data is and will exploit this if they can.

With this in mind – headteachers need to confront this threat and do what’s necessary to safeguard data and minimise both disruption & costs.

How To Protect Your School

Ransomware is highly unpredictable, so much so that traditional network security won’t keep it out. The only way to safeguard your pupil and classroom data is to have a reliable back-up plan in place, which will allow you to restore your data almost instantly in the face of any disaster.

Drawing on our extensive experience of working with the Education sector, we recommend here the only way your school can guarantee protection from a ransomware attack: