Bank Loses Hundreds Of Millions Due To Firewall Vulnerabilities

Capital One suffered a huge blow after a data breach has affected over 100 million Capital One customer accounts worldwide. Capital One is expected to lose anywhere between $500 to $750 million in lawsuits and compensation.

How Did This Happen?

The hacker managed to infiltrate the accounts due to a vulnerability in a firewall. The vulnerability was caused by irregular updates and configurations to the firewall, which meant that it was not properly protected against dangerous malware.

How To Protect Your Business From A Similar Attack? 

When looking for a security solution platform it’s important to note that not all technology vendors offer a complete all-rounded package. There is also the added risk of human error that can inadvertently allow hackers into a network, gaining access to private and confidential information. This is why addNETWORKS recommend SentinelOne as a high-end next-generation endpoint security solution. SentinelOne eradicates the risk of sensitive data being obtained by hackers and was built to protect organisations against known and unknown attacks by identifying and mitigating malicious behaviour. Moreso, this is the only technology we know which offers a full guarantee against attacks getting through and comes with an insurance policy to offer absolute peace of mind.

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