Meet the Directors

Led by one of the most experienced and technically-savvy teams of IT specialists, the combined experience and passion for IT that our management team offers, is what makes us who we are:

Paul Rylett, Co Founder & Head of Technology

As Co-Founder and Head of Technology, Paul Rylett launched addNETWORKS with a vision to provide vendor-neutral, enterprise-grade technology solutions to clients, without compromise or restriction of vendor. Paul began working in the IT industry almost thirty years ago...

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... working as a junior technician straight from college. On his first day he was working with large network infrastructures and wireless networks in their infancy. Over these years he has worked on and designed switched and wireless networks for many vendors and clients, from small primary schools and SMEs to some of the biggest names in the UK.

One of the major things he has learned in all this time is that all customers, regardless of their size or budget, require the same thing. A reliable, stable, always-on IT infrastructure.

To that end addNETWORKS was formed in 2016 and shortly after merged with leading IT Consultancy NETprotocol, to provide impartial advice, plus design, consultancy and support services to each and every customer.

Away from the office Paul attempts to “decompress” taking himself away from technology, usually walking, running and hunting out the few parts of the UK that don’t offer any Wi-Fi signal!

Matt Widdowson, Group Commercial Director

Having worked in the IT industry for over 23 years, Matt brings a limitless ability to identify client needs and formulate solutions which achieve strategic goals and objectives without compromise.

As a Director of addNETWORKS as well as legal IT consultancy...

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...NETprotocol, he brings with him an enviable portfolio of technology vendor relationships, which further enhances the quality and range of solutions that addNETWORKS can provide to its clients.

Mike Batters, Director

As Co-Founder of leading IT consultancy, NETprotocol, Mike Batters joined the board of addNETWORKS in 2017. This was a mutually beneficial partnership, where Mike’s contribution has further expanded the technical knowledge and ability of addNETWORKS, whilst also enhancing the overall vertical expertise of the NETprotocol Group...

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With a high degree of synergy existing between NETprotocol and addNETWORKS including both their approach, technical capability and quality of service, Mike forms an instrumental part of addNETWORKS’ technical team. Having developed a genuine enjoyment for predicting and overcoming technology challenges for clients large and small, Mike places himself at the forefront of new and emerging technologies and takes great pleasure in advising clients on how they can use technology to transform business performance.

Paul Walker, Director

Paul too is a Co-Founder of Legal IT specialist, NETprotocol and became part of addNETWORKS management team in 2017. Paul has worked in the field of IT Consultancy since 1989 and saw this partnership as an opportunity to further branch out in to new vertical sectors, whilst upholding the stringent standards and niche approach he is used to providing legal clients...

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Paul believes that having addNETWORKS as part of the NETprotocol Group adds great value to both businesses, where his consultative style of working fits perfectly with the values and mindset of addNETWORKS. Proud to reaffirm that the most enjoyable element of his role is working directly with clients, Paul is on-hand to consult and advise on anything from strategy to individual support enquiries.